Presentation Shot Construction Shot Texture Sheets Comic book cover ll l uuaa ttt uuu ban4met

oml cl (1) oml cl (2) oml cl (3) ZGrab15 ZGrab14 cost ZGrab13 ZGrab11 ZGrab08 ZGrab07 ZGrab06 ZGrab05 ZGrab04

a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6 a7 screenshot000 screenshot004 screenshot003 screenshot002 screenshot001 screenshot003 screenshot007 screenshot006 screenshot9 screenshot11 ax25 ax24 ax21

normal map bakeee


back on this slowly gettin deeeer, wip text

ax14 aheada aahead ax13 aaa

aa3 aa4 aa2 aa1 aa5

ax12 ax09 ax07 ax05 ax04 ax03 ax02


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