work stuff

bhm2_02 bhm_05

ffrr1 ffrr2 ffrr3

fairy for ipad app, 10k tris freelance © imersia


dc3 arm03 arm02 lngsleves ttt unnamed2


01 05 02 06


zom02 zom01 a06 spider


ste07 ste01 ste02



pte1 pte6 pte5 pte3 pte2 pte01


dil01 dil02 dil03 dil05 dilo05 dilo03 dilo01

a raptor redesigned for spiralgames in marmoset

00 02 03 04 05 rap06 rap05 rap04

work stuff from 2-3 years ago, thx glabs

gnome g01 g03 g02 skin render ghoul barrel bdgon

some stuff i ddi for assemblys nzi advert link

was fun working with the team, arms were recycled assests done by the fantastic mr blades

assem01 assem02 assem03 assem04 assem05 assem06

daily sketches

joe mad hulk speed vid

mkkkk ntr01 jdk01
a quick head sketch based off some amazing concepts by a friend

some rough creature concept sketches with dynamesh

cs7 cs6 cs5 cs4 cs3 cs2 cs1

quick creature head based on friends drawing

rhUERlz 2000x0_p1866i920pumltoqinjg9p1ef53 neph01

some raw recordings of my sculpting process
concept from witcher 2

w18 w15 w14 w13 w12 w11 w10 w09 w08

bod16.1 bod16


vid link
quick sculpt over fora firedn/colleague

headsk11 headsk099 headsk0666 headsk055 headsk04 headsk033 headsk02 headsk01

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