Uni workbook pages

Modelling process of Shroomman and environment done for uni workbook.


One thought on “Uni workbook pages

  1. I love this little tutorial you did of the Shroom man, its a very effecient work flow, I tried it with a character I created, maybe i can show you some WIP progres shots of him if your interested. but after I did all my high res sculpting in Zbrush, I retopoligized the base mesh in Maya, but when I took my new retopoligized base mesh back into Zbrush I was unable to figure out how to transfer the high res detail sub divisions from the older base model to the new base mesh I created. Maybe sometime you can let me know your little secret for that. Anyway bud as always GREAT work!!, keep it up, your skill and talent never cease to amaze me. peace bro,


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